Friday, April 02, 2004

Bishop John C. Nienstedt of New Ulm, MN

The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Bishop of New Ulm, has posted to the diocesian website a statement on the book Revelation and the Church: Vatican II in the Twenty-first Century, due to claims that it had been co-edited by his predecessor, Bishop Raymond A. Lucker:
I have been asked to comment on the work, Revelation and the Church: Vatican II in the Twenty-first Century because it claims to have been co-edited by my predecessor, Bishop Raymond A. Lucker. Actually, the "Preface" explains that Bishop Lucker died before any of the articles were written. But clearly, from the text, the inspiration for the work was his own.

Fundamentally, the book challenges the Church’s own understanding of herself as being authoritatively charged under the direction of the Holy Spirit to teach in the name of Jesus Christ on matters of faith and morals that are not infallibly defined. Because the issues here transcend the confines of any one diocese, I referred the matter to the Doctrine Committee of the United States Bishops’ Conference, asking them to render a statement on the contents of the work. The Doctrine Committee responded by sending me a book review by a systematic theologian whom they had consulted. . . . [READ MORE]

Reported by Benjamin Blosser.