Saturday, April 10, 2004

Bishop John M. Smith of Trenton, NJ

Bishop John M. Smith of Trenton, NJ recently took a stand for the faith, informing his flock that the questionable politics of Catholic governor McGreevey are not those "of a devout Catholic":
Smith, in a speech excerpted on the diocese's Web site, did not specify what "respect life issues" were giving him "great annoyance."

"When he refers to himself as a devout Catholic and supports legislation and programs that are contrary to the teaching of the Holy Father and the bishops, he is not a devout Catholic," Smith said, according to the Web site. "He cannot compromise what it means to be a Catholic. I speak, as your bishop, for the devout Catholics of the Diocese of Trenton. (Gov.) Jim McGreevey does not."

Smith made the remarks during his homily March 27 at a Mass at St. James Church in Red Bank, reported the online version of the diocese newspaper, The Monitor.

SOURCE: Associated Press