Thursday, June 10, 2004

Cardinal Francis George - Diocese of Chicago

Catholic lay ministers who disagree with the church's teachings should not be allowed to continue in their ministries or assist in distributing communion, according to a letter sent by Cardinal Francis George to pastors in the Chicago Archdiocese earlier this month.

"If a minister should manifest his/her disagreement with Church teaching," George wrote, "he/she should not continue in active ministry until such time that the minister is reconciled to the Church's teaching."

Though this has been the policy of the archdiocese all along, George said he was writing in response to questions posed to the church and in the media "about the appropriateness of Catholics serving as lay ministers who do not profess or believe authentic Church teaching."


SOURCE: "George says lay ministers must agree with church", by Art Golab. Staff Reporter. June 10, 2004.