Saturday, July 10, 2004

Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo - Diocese of Richmond

Six weeks after taking office, Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo is reshaping the Diocese of Richmond to bring it into close conformity with the policies of Pope John Paul II and orthodox Catholic teaching.

That intention is most obvious with DiLorenzo's announcement last month that no one can be invited by parishes as a guest speaker without first being approved by the diocesan theologian, a post re-established by the bishop.

The bishop has also decided not to reactivate the diocesan "sexual minorities" commission that had advised former Bishop Walter F. Sullivan on gay and lesbian concerns.

Additionally, DiLorenzo removed a Virginia Beach woman from the diocesan women's commission because her support for ordaining women as priests conflicted with the Vatican's policy of restricting the priesthood to men. . . . READ MORE.

SOURCE: "New bishop conforms to strict Catholic law", by Steven J. Vegh. The Virginian-Pilot July 10, 2004.