Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli, Diocese of Paterson

PATERSON, New Jersey, June 19, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Pro-choice Catholics, not just Catholic politicians, must not receive Communion if they knowingly support legalized abortion says an American Catholic bishop.

"By steadfastly choosing to be pro-choice, a Catholic -- politician or not -- excludes himself or herself from communion," wrote Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli in the June 7 edition of the Beacon, the Paterson diocese newspaper.

In his column Serratelli rebuked "pro-choice" Catholic politicians and those who "arrogantly insist that the Church does not have the right to her own teaching" and who claim a right to Communion at the same time. In particular Serratelli went after the 18 Democratic Congressmen who lashed out at Pope Benedict XVI for stating that supporting abortion is "incompatible with receiving communion"

Source: American Bishop: Pro-Choice Equals No Communion For Catholics June 19, 2007.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Archbishop Raymond Burke, Diocese of St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Roman Catholic archbishop criticizes charity for supporting Planned Parenthood, stem cell research International Herald Tribune April 27, 2007:
ST. LOUIS: Archbishop Raymond Burke approved a letter that criticized a charity for supporting Planned Parenthood and stem cell research just weeks before he resigned from the board of a second charity for similar reasons, the Archdiocese of St. Louis confirmed Friday.

Burke made headlines Wednesday when he announced his resignation as chairman of the board of directors for the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation, saying he could not tolerate the foundation's decision to let abortion rights advocate Sheryl Crow headline a benefit concert Saturday night. . . .READ MORE

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bishop Stephen Chmilar, Ukrainian Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada

Toronto Catholic Bishop Reprimands Priest over Political Support for Pro-Abortion Politician LifeSiteNews. April 4, 2007:
LifeSiteNews.com reported yesterday that on Sunday, March 25th, a Liberal Party meeting to nominate Michael Ignatieff was held at the Christ the Good Shepherd Parish St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Etobicoke. Ignatieff, whose stands in favour of abortion and same-sex 'marriage' are well known had his nomination seconded by the pastor of the church Fr. Terry Lozynsky.

In a press release today, sent to LifeSiteNews.com, Bishop Stephen Chmilar, Ukrainian Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada acknowledged the incident and noted that "As a direct result of Fr. Terry's actions, numerous e-mails regarding the propriety of that action came to our office."

The release notes that "Fr. Terry was called into our office to explain his actions and we pointed out to him that based on Canon Law, at no time is any of our clergy to be part of, or deemed to be associated with, any political party except in the judgement of the Eparchial Bishop, if a particular law so states the need to protect the rights of the church or to promote the common good requires it."

Moreover, the Bishop Chmilar writes: "It was also acknowledged that by promoting Mr. Ignatieff, that indirectly he was promoting the political stance on abortion and gay rights legislation that the candidate has."

"As a direct result of this breach," said Bishop Chmilar, "Fr. Terry has been reprimanded and a letter to all clergy informing them of the current statutes and regulations regarding involvement in any political process will be sent and reinforced."